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hERE aND nOW digital downlaod

Normally, things like this frustrate me, but since it's supporting Peter and Chris, not so much this time. The Amazon and iTunes versions (and maybe others) of the new album contain 3 bonus acoustic versions of dB's tunes. One, "From A Window To A Screen," you don't have to download the whole CD to get, but the others, "Today Could Be The Day," and "Happenstance" make you download the entire album to get these. I'm not going to be able to pick up the physical CD today, so I guess the download will actually come in handy as I have 3 hours of driving time ahead of me today.

Re: hERE aND nOW digital downlaod

I bought the CD at the CD release show at The City Winery (great show!), but now I'm faced with having to buy the entire album over again if I want the bonus tracks. (And of course I want the bonus tracks!)

Is there any way we can get the powers-that-be at Bar/None to make the bonus tracks for sale by themselves?


Re: hERE aND nOW digital downlaod

I bought the CD from Euclid Records in St. Louis, where Chris and Peter played an instore during their recent visit.
It does seem wrong to punish those of us who buy an actual CD by making us pay again just for the bonus tracks. Many true fans will do this, because we're nuts.
With a little foresight, a code could have been included in the CD packaging allowing the buyer to download the bonus tracks for free.
That's my only possible complaint. The music is fantastic. The songs, playing,'s all just great. A big thank you to Peter, Chris and all involved with the project.

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