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June 8 2009 DC area show

I drove 6 hours from Ohio to see the June 8 2009 DC area show. I had not seen Peter and Chris together since 1991.

It was the opening night of the tour and I really loved hearing them gel into a unit. Ending the show with Chris Bell's "I Am the Cosmos" was incredible. "Black and White" teleported me back to my family's living room in Winston-Salem, NC of the early 1980's where I would listen to the dB's import of "Stands for Decibels." Not sure if I could pronounce decibels back then.

That Peter took a few moments to chat was great. He amazingly remembered several families who lived in my neighborhood, oh so long ago.

Good luck on the road guys and I hope you add some tour dates.

Re: June 8 2009 DC area show

Good for you; I've made the reverse trip a couple times to see Tom Waits in recent years; good to know I70 is well traveled for musical purposes.

I enjoyed the show as well and thought the composition of "Black and White" was fantastic. I was equally happy to hear "Lord of the Manor." But mostly, it was fun to see Chris and Peter seem to genuinely enjoy themselves playing for us; it translated well in the performance.

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