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Peter's Pajama Party

I stole this from the Robbie Fulks message board, of all places:
From an email newsletter from The Regulator Bookstore in Durham, NC... (I won't italicize the excerpt like Dan does because reading blocks of italicized text is annoying)

A guy walks into The Regulator. Drops off a resume. The resume says he's really a musician, but he's done some "day job" work in bookstores. Including a stint at a Borders in New Orleans. Where he did a kid's singing and story-time program that became the store's best-attended regular event.

So we sat down and talked with this fellow. It turns out he's got two young kids of his own. He seems to have that special "something" that you need to be able to really communicate with young children. And he's got lots of experience. So...

Thus was born our new, twice-monthly program for young children and their parents, Peter's Pajama Party. With Peter Holsapple, whose musical resume includes work with bands from The dB's to REM to Hootie and the Blowfish.

The first Pajama Party gets under way at 7:00 Friday evening, August 28th. Come in pajamas, street clothes, or dinner jackets-Peter won't care. Don't have any young children? No problem-just be ready to sing along!

Re: Peter's Pajama Party

Probably better not sing "Amplifier" or "Death garage."

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