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Stamey "Thingamabob"?

When I was in college I booked the Chris Stamey group for a show and he had something wired/jury riged with a keyboard to provide the bass parts from the rhythms and other music. I think it had fishing weights and was called the "Thingamabob."

My memory is hazy and my curiosity is strong. Anyone know more or have a picture/video?



Re: Stamey "Thingamabob"?

Actually, Chris' system was called the "Groovegate". It was a series of noise gates, which are audio devices that allow sound out when the gate is open and suppress it when it's closed. The noise gates were indeed connected to signal coming from notes on the Acetone organ; the notes were held down by fishing weights or tape, and the chords would sound when Ted Lyons, Chris' drummer, would strike different drums. The impact of the drum would trigger the gate to open, thus producing the rhythmic chords. I'm sure Chris could explain it all better than I have, but I hope you get the idea.

Re: Stamey "Thingamabob"?

Thanks much!

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