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Chris Stamey x 2

I went up to Ann Arbor yesterday and went into Wazoo records not knowing what I was looking for. After looking through the rows of CDs I looked up and saw this 45 staring me in the face "Chris Stamey- Let It Be Me b/w That's Why I Hate (The Replacements)" for $3.99. So of course I bought it. I didn't know about this one before. Both the A and B side are great (especially the B side). I noted that the liner notes mentioned that both Brian Dennis anf Bobby Patternson play on these tracks. I'm pretty sure these guys are from the band DAG, which I adore. They only made 2 albums (which were perfect) in the 90's and ought to have made more. I did not know Chris had a connection to these fine fellows.

And... 2 weeks ago I went to a local bar to see SEA WOLF play. A gent named Patrick Park opened and I really liked his music. After talking to him on the patio after his gig I found out Chris helped record and plays on his album "Everyone's in Everyone" so I picked up a copy. Mellow stuff. Don Dixon is also on here.

Really hoping for more dB's... but that little 45 is holding be over for now. Anyone know what year it is from?

Re: Chris Stamey x 2

Nice find!
Looks like 1994.

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