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The dB's at Cat's Cradle Dec. 16

Hi all

Sorry it's taken such a long time to get back to posting here.

First, there's a dB's performance at the Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill NC Thursday night, December 16, 2010 as part of the Trekky Records Christmas show. It'll be Chris, Will and Peter, aided and abetted by Mitch Easter on bass and Allyn Love on pedal steel guitar. Holiday favorites and maybe some other interesting tunes... The Old Ceremony, a wonderful NC band, are also on the bill along with a plethora of other talented folk.

Second, the new album. It's still being finished up, although we're closer now than we ever have been. We ended up recording probably two and a half albums' worth of songs, so we're picking through the tunes to figure out which ones belong where. We will definitely have it out sometime in 2011. Everyone's lives have been very busy, and Chris' studio is constantly booked, so we've had to work around that.

Finally, we all send our best to our beloved fans, and we thank you for sticking by us for all these years. We hope your holidays are unparalleled in excellence, great food, friendships and festivities. Without you all, we'd have likely been forgotten years ago, so again, thanks for the devotion.


Re: The dB's at Cat's Cradle Dec. 16

Thanks for the update, Peter.
We're reeeeeally looking forward to hearing the new material.
Merry Freakin' Christmas to all!

Re: The dB's at Cat's Cradle Dec. 16

Playing with a GREAT band as well: The Old Ceremony!!

Re: The dB's at Cat's Cradle Dec. 16

Great news re the gig and the album.

Let's be greedy. Since you have recorded so much stuff how about a double disc?

Re: The dB's at Cat's Cradle Dec. 16

Neil Sidebotham

Let's be greedy. Since you have recorded so much stuff how about a double disc?

Hear, hear!

Or a ltd. edition double disc -- sold here through the store to help raise $ to pay for this site! (OK, let's go all the way - and all of them signed by the band!).

Just sayin'...

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