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Did you notice?

We've been enjoying the new 45, both songs sound like the dB's-it's like they never left! I did notice a couple of things...
First, there's no B side. Picture Sleeve is Side A, Write Back is Side 1.
Then I looked at the run-out groove (you know, the space just outside the label). Back in the heyday of vinyl you could often find something fun written there. I was not disappointed! Side A says "Hyperbole must die!"
Side 1 says "" in a neverending cycle. Perhaps the x is supposed to be a y, in which case it makes more sense as "Reply to your Reply to your..."
Pretty cool!

Re: Did you notice?

So clever; these guys think of everything.

Those who've listened of the words of Will's funny song on the flip side know the words on the runout groove are connected to the song.

Class act, all the way, our dB's!

Re: Did you notice?

Yeah, I was taking a stab at humor there based on the way the "y"s on the 45 look more like "x"s.
I wasn't at my funniest that day...

Now that we've been teased with two new songs, the album release can't come soon enough. January 2012, huh? That seems a loooong way off.

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