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The dB's to play SxSW Festival next month

A little searching around has turned up the following info about our guys playing the SxSW Fest in Austin next month. So far, I've found details about two appearances:

1. An all day pre-festival blowout at The Dogwood in Austin, Wednesday, March 14.

Details here:

2. Official SxSW Festival appearance Friday, March 16, 9:00 p.m. at B.D. Riley's in Austin. The band is scheduled to play for 40 minutes.

Details here:

There may also be a third dB's appearance, based on this recent message from Paste Magazine -- but the details are few & far between, so it's kinda hard to tell:

If I lived anywhere near Texas, I'd be there!

Re: The dB's to play SxSW Festival next month


There may also be a third dB's appearance...

Still don't know about the Paste thing, but Blurt (another great music mag) has posted its SxSW event schedule, and The dB's are playing for it: March 16 at 3:00 p.m.

Further details are here:

Re: The dB's to play SxSW Festival next month

OK, forget my other posts. They're playing SIX TIMES at SxSW!

Now then: will someone with a nice tape recorder please get their butts and their gear down to Texas in a week and half?!?


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