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New dB's fan blog is online!

I am proud to announce that my new blog dedicated to The dB's (and musical friends) is now up:

So far, I've posted the following:

1. A welcome message, outlining the purpose of the blog.

2. The dB's Live in NYC (The Ritz) & London (OGWT) 1981.

3. The dB's COMPLETE Philosopher's Club Show, Winston-Salem, NC 1979.

4. A page featuring reviews of individual dB's songs, originally posted at AllMusic.Com

The music is posted in downloadable high quality MP3, and I plan to upload a new one every Friday in the run-up to the release of "Falling Off the Sky." (The Philosopher's Club show is this week's new music post.)

Have a look, leave a comment, a let me know what you think.

Re: New dB's fan blog is online!

Superb! Thanks for doing this Robin.

Re: New dB's fan blog is online!

It's my complete pleasure. More fun than the proverbial barrel of monkeys...

BTW, the newest music post is now up: KCRW Snap Session from 1987 (one version with, the other without, the interview segments between songs).



P.S. - "Robinbrevard" = Rob in Brevard, N.C. -- which is where I live.

Re: New dB's fan blog is online!

oops - then thank you Rob!

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