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Re: SxSW Reports, Setlists please!

Thanks MJ -- I've highlighted your videos and lots of other goings-on involving The dB's at SxSW at my new post at The dB's Repercussion blog.

I tried to round up everything worthwhile I could find on the 'Net. Anyone hear about Chris' forthcoming solo project? Got a blurb about that and links to two rough mixes from it here also:

Re: SxSW Reports, Setlists please!

OK, we've finally got a setlist from The dB's showcase on March 16 at SxSW.

Thanks to Chris Junior at Goldmine magazine online, you can view the hand-written thing here.

Next question: did they actually get to PLAY all of these??

Re: SxSW Reports, Setlists please!

Nope. I think they played everything up to Neverland, although I couldn't swear on some of the new material. At the end of the video I posted for Neverland, you can see Peter signaling for 1 more. That song was "If and When", skipping the other songs below the double line on the hand-written set.

Side note: I've got a couple of other videos that I didn't post from the show. Mostly they were songs that Stamey sang lead on. The camera angle I had on him had him singing directly into or behind a wooden ball. I tried to get a better angle on him towards the end of the show once I realized. Sorry about that.

Re: SxSW Reports, Setlists please!

Very helpful MJ -- us obsessive completists want the whole enchilada, not just a few bites!


Re: SxSW Reports, Setlists please!

Hi all,
We were hoping to play longer sets, as evidenced by the setlists we made, but these 1/2 hour sets slipped by faster than we'd expected. And while we did play a little fast and free with some of the sets, we started them all with the same first two songs (That Time is Gone and Before We Were Born) to establish a comfort zone (and to match the album).
And I'd like to say thanks to all of you for holding on for so long while we got the new record ready. It was extremely important to us that we make the RIGHT record, and I believe that we truly did. Your tenacity is inspiring and heartening.

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