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'FOtS' reviews + release date question

Reviews for the new album are starting to appear online. I've found three so far (both of them rave about how good Falling Off the Sky is), and with their mention of some previously-unknown track titles, the list of new songs is starting to take shape. I'm posting all this on my "New Album News" page here:

WHEN exactly is this thing supposed to be released? I've seen (and heard, in the case of an announcement Peter made at SXSW) all the following: June 12, June 14, June 17 and June 19. Is is it going to be one of these -- or is it being rolled out on different dates in different parts of the world?


Re: 'FOtS' reviews + release date question

So far as I know, the release date is Tuesday June 12.

Re: 'FOtS' reviews + release date question

The sooner, the better I say!

The press release from Conqueroo said 6/19 (and *someone* said "June 14th" in the middle of the Threadgill's show at SXSW), so I will GLADLY accept a week earlier.

Re: 'FOtS' reviews + release date question

Virtually all CD and LP releases for the past 40+ years have been on a Tuesday. Downloads may vary, and there are special events like Record Store Day, but even in 2012 if you see a CD release date that's not on a Tuesday it is almost certainly wrong.

Re: 'FOtS' reviews + release date question

Oddly, links from the promo at the top of the Bar/None page and even the link from the 'order' the album button on the band's page on the site bring up Emperor X instead.....

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