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Durham Show Setlist

Here is the setlist from the Durham, NC, show (June 9, 2012). Stunning show. The guys were in tiptop shape.

1. That Time Is Gone*
2. Before We Were Born*
3. Happenstance
4. Lonely Is (as Lonely Does)
5. Ask for Jill
6. World to Cry*
7. pH Factor
8. Collide-oOo-Scope*
9. Love Is for Lovers
10. Write Back* (Will on vocals)
11. I Didn't Mean to Say That*
12. The Adventures of Albatross and Doggerel*
13. Big Brown Eyes
14. Send Me Something Real*
15. Black and White

Encore 1
16. If and When ("The first song The dB's ever recorded" --Chris)
17. Neverland

Encore 2
18. Nothing Is Wrong ("You may know this song. It was in a movie."--Peter)
19. Amplifier

*From the new album

-The official setlist from the stage listed "Dynamite" for the last song, but it wasn't played.
-A touring keyboardist/guitarist accompanied the band. At one point Peter introduced him, but I missed his name.
-Nothing was played from "The Sound of Music." :(
-Will's brother and mother(!) were in the audience.

Re: Durham Show Setlist

Special show at a great venue - it was packed! Thanks so much to the band for rocking on !

Re: Durham Show Setlist

That additional band member is Brett Harris.

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