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Requests for Maxwell's 9/1

Saw that Chris responded to set list request with Mountain Stage list, so I figured I'd give this a shot.

The new album is phenomenal, but I hope - given the venue - that we get to hear some classics as well: Black and White, Tearjerkin', Bad Reputation, Living a Lie (if it can be done without a horn section - or on the exceedingly thin chance you have one), Happenstance, Ask for Jill, Neverland, Soul Kiss. and, if you include the non-Stamey-involved catalogue, Love is for.... (great, sad piece by Peter in the Times blog)

And yes, That Time is Gone is the great and obvious lead track. But She Won't Drive... Moves me to tears, and I'm not all that easy to move to tears.

Bringing my oldest, and we're very, very excited.

Re: Requests for Maxwell's 9/1

K - I hope you get a response to your requests (I'm very jealous you're going to see the guys at that great venue).

Don't hold out any hope of hearing "Bad Rep" -- Peter, who wrote the song, has said unequivocally in several published interviews that the lyrics don't suit a musician his age...

Re: Requests for Maxwell's 9/1

That's funny, and true. Actually, I hadn't looked at earlier set lists before I wrote that. We will definitely not go home disappointed.

Wish I had spent time at Maxwell's in the late 70s, 80s, instead of just listening to Feelies / Joy Division / XTC / Gang of Four / dB's / R.E.M. records in our New Brunswick rooms while doing considerably less healthy things than listening to live music.

Saw many when they were in NB at least, and couldn't avoid the Smithereens, as Jim Babjak worked at (or maybe even owned) a video store on Easton Ave, and they played at the Court Tavern on a regular basis.

Funny but true: Crazy Rhythms was constantly on my turntable after it came out, although I had no idea the band was from Haledon. I was hanging out with a bunch of friends one night - doing things considerably less healthy than listening to live music - when a girl named Diane Sybysma (sp?) said, "Oh, that's my brother's band." Forget the details now, but either Mercer or Million was a pseudonym.


Re: Requests for Maxwell's 9/1

I'll second the request for Black & White - was hoping hear it at the Arts Festival in May. Love all of the new stuff as well.

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