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This is in response to a question on the dB's Repercussion website. I couldn't comment there as I don't have any of the required accounts.
If you haven't visited the site lately, Rob is posting a series of great old recordings. Check 'em out!
The omnipresent Wikipedia tells me that OMFUG stands for "Other Music For Uplifting Gormandizers"...gormandizers is a dubious word supposedly meaning "a voracious consumer of music".
I guess we all know that CBGB stands for "Country, Blues and Bluegrass".
It's doubtful that much of the music made at CBGB fit any of these categories, not for long anyway. It was pretty much "Punk, Punk, Punk".
Thanks for the great website!


Thanks, Tom!

Not to sound ungrateful or anything, but how is the "G" in CBGB accounted for if the letters stand for "country, blues & bluegrass"? A funny reversal of the B & G (Blue Grass)? Or does it stand for "Gutbucket," mebbe?


Anyway, I really appreciate your reply...


Uh, yeah...writing too was Country, Blue Grass & Blues.
Like I said, that apparently spells "PUNK".
Maybe with a side order of "New Wave".


All is clear now -- thanks!

Tom, can you help the politicos in Fla. & Clt. get it together, too?!?

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