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Re: Confession

'Once a Beatle, always a Beatle' I guess, eh? :) With so sweet and gentle a soul: always made us feel we were part of whatever was going on. "I remember every thought with it's feeling"- when I hear any of the Beatles, Lennon-Ono.. all of that.
I find myself 'Imagining' what John would think or say about things that happen and things I hear. "I am always touched- in a good way- when I hear kindness coming from people when they remember me. I wish I could reach out and let them know that in some way- and perhaps that happens- I don't know. I don't know how it all works: afterlife or re-incarnation or- what ever it is. I think people have a hard time to think of ever accepting what dead people have to say- really- it is just too scary to comprehend as an actual happening. like aliens from other worlds: it is assumed the dead returning will be covered with mould and kooties- you know... - or seeking revenge and mad and mean and all that.
as to how I 'knew what music you liked'- well, I didnt. lol. I was quite self-centered when it came to writing and performing.' that is what I think John might say.