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Re: RIP Fred "Rerun" Berry

Someone on the radio acting as if he was reading a news story said, "This just in... Fred "Rerun" Berry died when running down the street, dribbling a basketball with his good friends Rog and Dwayne."

I liked that show. The weirdest one was when the Doobie Brothers (!) were on, and Rerun got caught taping the show with what I think I remember was an old tape recorder with one of those cheesy microphones under his coat. Too funny...

RIP Fred Berry...


Re: Re: RIP Fred "Rerun" Berry

hello my friends!

after a long absence,i am back on i didn't know rerun died. i just saw him on "i love the 70s" on vh1. wow! and i do remember the doobie brothers episode. i really liked that show!