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Re: Happy Birthday J.T!

Thanks, Sweet Meat! You'll be happy to know that I celebrated my birthday by seeing the new Opie/Ritchie Cunningham/Ron Howard movie, and that he is still giving work to his mutant brother. This time, the freakish but lovable Clint Howard has a small role as a town official of some type.

See you soon!

Re: Re: Happy Birthday J.T!

Happy birthday one day late, Jeff! I wasn't online yesterday, so sorry to be wishing you this belatedly

Hi, Meat!

Ron Howard also gave work to his brother, Clint, as an environmentalist tree-sitter in the TV show, Arrested Development--which by the way is a very clever and funny show. Portia de Rossi's character told Clint's character, "Oh, no, I'm not interested in you! I think you're creepy..." Poor Clint. Opie produces and does the narration for the show.