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Re: Re: I got an iPod!

It was getting mighty (<--Texasese) lonely in here, and I can be a boring talking partner after a while. Nice to see you back from the Lone Star state, the state in which I never want to live.

I'm going to figure out my iPod today. Time to go download some more singles for which I would not buy the album!


Re: Re: Re: I got an iPod!

This is bringing it all back... I downloaded songs by The Lightning Seeds, The La's, The Trash Can Sinatras and am on to the Housemartins and The Chills next. Too wild that it's all out there

nostalgic (and still talking to herself!),

Re: Re: Re: Re: I got an iPod!

Please tell me that you did not skip watching your beloved "Golden Globes" in favor of playing with your new electronic gadget.

I was looking forward to your show review. Where else would I hear the real scoop on how Fran Dresher looked in her gown?