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Re: If a tree falls in the Forum ...

Sorry to have been pretty reticent forum-wise lately--things have been crazy-busy of late:

Charlie the dog - Did you see Christine's digital pictures of Charlie? Very cute... Dogs rock.

David Cross' new album - Haven't heard any of his former ones. I should listen to them. Did you watch Arrested Development? What a great and funny show...sure to be cancelled by Fox any moment now.

Another thing to be righteously angry about (or another PR stunt, but hey...): Disney will not distribute Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911 because they're afraid of Jeb and George...a-holes! Ugh! Unbelievable...


Re: Re: If a tree falls in the Forum ...

Yes, that M. Moore thing is irritating!

So J.T. How is the D. Cross "Album". Did you buy it on 33 1/3 or 78? Stay Hip J.T! Don't Fu*k with the youth....

Re: Re: Re: If a tree falls in the Forum ...

The album is really good. So good that I'm thinking about buying another copy for the 8-track player in my Gremlin.