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From the makers of Police Academy comes the feel-good forum experience of the season!

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Re: christmas cards

Cute picture for the photo greeting, Christine!

And yay, Bills!


Re: christmas cards

I know what I want for Christmas. A hockey season. Anyone else want the same. I miss it. What the puck.


Re: Re: christmas cards

Hey, Russ ... Guess what? I was at the Davsville hospital just the other day (visiting my Grandmother). I had totally forgotten about that place, but when I pulled up in the car, visions of you putting your arm through the glass at 60 Court Street absolutely overwhelmed me. Very strange. I also remember following the ambulance to the hospital, all the while Meat and I singinging Ton Loc's "Funky Cold Medina."

Grandma's OK, by the way ... and, no, she did not say to the attending physician, "I'm a Grateful Dead fan, but I don't do drugs."

Re: Re: Re: christmas cards

What a night of stupidity. I think of that night every August 31 and count up the years since. I just passed the 15 year mark. Good Times.