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Re: Re: Oscars geek

Joan and Melissa got into a contract dispute with E! and left for the TV Guide Channel, where you can see them do their red carpet/fashion shtick and what's coming up in the next hours on TV! Wacky...

Anyway... I got caught up in a problem that I was having with my iPod and was a bit distracted, but I liked Chris Rock's opening. The rest of the show seemed really odd and boring to me. I'm not quite sure why, but maybe it was because I was ready to throw my computer and iPod out the window in frustration. And why Beyonce singing 3 times? I really liked the past few years' practice of having the original artists performing their songs, but whatever.

The Independent Spirit Awards were really good and light and fun, though. I did miss John Waters as host, but what can you do? Any show that takes the song, "Windy," and makes it about Kinsey and sex is just great.