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Goodbye my beautiful Len

Its with a heavy heart i write this about my kind gentle dog.
Len, i feel priveledged to have been adopted by you. There is a huge space where you were. Thank you for the wonderful years we had together. I hope you are free now and understand that i couldn't watch you suffer. I miss you more than you will ever know, can't believe you are not here anymore. Will never forget you and all you have taught me. Goodbye my big gentle friend. Love you forever.

Re: Goodbye my beautiful Len

Oh dear Joanne.
I remember the happy day that you came to the kennels and rehomed Len Trois. It was a partnership made in Heaven.
Thanks for bringing him back to the kennels from time to time just to say hello.
These visits are now precious to us too.
Forget the bad day and remember thousands of good days.
Run free over the Bridge dear big black Len.
Uncle Jimmy and auntie Celia.

Re: Goodbye my beautiful Len

We remember the day big Len got his forever home in 2012

Lens adoption post from 2012

R.I.P. Len Gone but never forgotten.

George, Morag

Ace & Chelsea

Re: Goodbye my beautiful Len

So sorry to hear that Joanne,

Len was lucky you took him a walk that day and then re-homed him, how kind!


Re: Goodbye my beautiful Len

If I recall correctly, Len was a bit of a legend at the kennels so it is wonderful to hear that he had many lovely years of home life bonded to his own very special person.