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Leather loincloth vendor found

Just wanted to forward this to everyone. Leatherwerks is a leather store in Fort Lauderdale. On my last visit there after a transatlantic cruise, I found they have started making and selling two different styles of loincloths both in their store and online. I did buy one while I was there and even wore it to the local leather bar for their fetish night. I thought I would share that information and links to their website pages for both of the two styles.

The first style is the "Formal" loincloth:

The second style (the style I bought one of) is the "Wild" loincloth:

Only major difference I see is the Formal one is more "rounded/square" and seems to be shorter in the front. The Wild one is more triangular and the front looks a little longer than the formal one.

Re: Leather loincloth vendor found

thanks for the info ... and I agree that the "wild" one is the best choice