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Re: Photo essay: Coyote fur breechclout

fantastic photos, thanks for posting them ... I myself have not worn fur but you have given me some interest in doing so ... it's a good look for you

Re: Photo essay: Coyote fur breechclout

Karsten...glad you're enjoying the photos! I have dozens of additional images in the queue, so stay tuned.

Absolutely try a fur breechclout on if you now feel a calling to do so. If you do, make sure it's wider and longer than your most comfortable leather breechclout. The 'clout in the photos was originally two coyote pelts sewn together at the necks and even though I used big pelts, it just wasn't wide enough to look nice and was shockingly uncomfortable to wear. Fur is slippery--that's why we have hair in our groin to keep things from rubbing together--and the two-pelt 'clout frequently shifted out of a comfortable wearing position and was very prone to wedgies. I honestly thought I had wasted two beautiful coyote pelts...

One night I had a brainstorm and ended up cutting the 'clout lengthwise down the centre and, in between the halves, sewed in a third hide, cut lengthwise in half and trimmed along the outer sides to a constant width. Six hours of sewing it all together, and it was done. I put it on, and it was a revelation--total comfort. I took a seat on my buffalo robe with it on to contemplate my success, and instead fell into a very deep sleep. Surely, the ancestors looking upon me who wore these during their time on Earth were pleased. It was a good day.