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Re: Top 10 movies

Thanks for the post ... it got me thinking that I should add my top ten films to the site as an extra feature ... will be hard to narrow down to just 10, but I do think The Emerald Forest will be on the list ... great film.


Re: Top 10 movies

One of my favorites is the red breechclout shown in the first few screenshots of Greyeagle. Something about the color of it really jumps out at me, and if I could find an authentic one, I'd snatch one just like it in a heartbeat. Same with the leggings shown in that movie.

I'm also drawn to the fur breechclout worn in A Man Called Horse, but I chalk that up to being drawn towards animal totemism. The belief that performing a dance or ritual while wearing something representative of an animal (usually a mask or headdress) can impart traits onto the performer. I think I shared a photo in a previous post of me at a reenactment wearing my coyote pelt that illustrates the idea, but it's common in more than just Native American cultures. Vikings for example, or even Bronze Age civilizations. Which is probably why I also find caveman-style fur tunics/loincloths quite attractive. Like the furs Ringo Starr wore in Caveman

Re: Top 10 movies

I don't know about a top 10 film list to me but I always liked Jason and the Argonauts. The idea of wearing a brief loincloth in the open sun while sailing a ship always had a lot of appeal to me.

Re: Top 10 movies

It won't be the 10 movies but I'll make my list: Jungle Book (1994), Tarzan (animated movie), George of the Jungle, Clash of The Titans.. They are more unique than I can think of or that I remember.