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Eddie and Dusk

Great News that they have found their forever home, did they go together?

Gary, Angie + kids & Lunar and Solo

Re: Eddie and Dusk

Fantastic news

Re: Eddie and Dusk

Great news that Eddie and Dusk have found their forever home!!The other long timer is poor little Rab maybe he will be next!! Fingers crossed!

Re: Eddie and Dusk

Great News,Hope They Enjoy Their Forever Home

Re: Eddie and Dusk

Yes, they went out together without a backward glance.
Hopefully they will spend the rest of their days happily together.
Surely Rab will go soon.
Celia and Jimmy.

Re: Eddie and Dusk

That is great news!! I'm so pleased for them both. They are both great dogs and wish them a very happy long life together in there new home.

Re: Eddie and Dusk

The "children" are fine. They have settled in quite well already. They have their own bed in one of our rooms.

Throughout the night they kept coming in to our bedroom to check if we were there. Dusk kept trying to get in to our bed. She just jumped up and collapsed... A little work to get her out.

Dusk has also learned that she gets a treat every time she does her business outside. She picked up on that one rather fast, to the point were she now pretends to have pee and then go straight for the treat pocket.

Eddy on the other hand peed inside the house 4 times today. He has however picked up on the treat practice when outside.

They have bonded very well with us already. So far today we have been out walking 5 times for Dusk and 6 for Eddy.

We will do another short walk closer to midnight so they will be well tired and sleep well. They are already snoozing in their bed.

They seem happy and are both very cuddly with us. They are well behaved and knows who is in charge. They also already know where their bed is and that ours is off limits. Eddy respects that, but Dusk is a little more cheeky and likes to try her luck.

I have only taken one pic so far, last night. It is not the best pic, but I will try to put it up anyway. They look relaxed and content. That being said, they were quite exited last night and a bit restless.

Now they are crashed out and will probably not want to go out in an hour...

Re: Eddie and Dusk

We saw Dusk and Eddie on the lucky ones earlier today and we were delighted for the two of them.
They have been in our kennels for so long all the helpers loved them to bits and in a strange way will be missed.
We would all like to wish Greg and Nicolai a happy and rewarding life of Greyhound ownership.
For us Billy and Lassie have converted us and was the best thing we ever did.
Thank you for giving Dusk and Eddie there forever home together that they have been waiting on so patiently.
George, Morag, Billy and Lassie

This was their picture in my Homeless Hounds Calendar

Re: Eddie and Dusk

Well, the second night was much more quiet. We got beds for them and they slept most night on them as we put them in our bedroom.

We had a night of no accidents. Think they were a bit tired for all the exercise yesterday. Walk this morning was good as well with dusk doing her pretend pee for treat twice in addition to the real thing of course. Eddy seems to be catching on as well....

They are happy enough. A bit wild at times around feeding time and if we give them a pigs ear. We are working on calming them down before giving them anything. A healthy set of rules and discipline seems to work slowly.

It is all a learning experience for us as well, although we both had dogs before

Re: Eddie and Dusk

So pleased for Dusk & Eddy !
Excellent news.They sound like they have definitely landed a great forever home, well worth the wait I'm sure they'll be thinking [

Re: Eddie and Dusk

I'll try to get some pics on here eventually. Seems like my mac want let me copy a pic in to the forum. ANy tips?

I did email one to the web host, so I guess it will be found under the lucky ones.

Right now they are crashed in the bedroom. Dusk on her new bed and Eddy on the carpet.

I left them alone for the longest period so far since they got here this morning while taking Greg to work. About 45 min. They were still snoozing when I got back. They came out to greet me. fairly calm and slow which is the way we are going to have it. No over excitement.

They are really good and adapting well and faster than we expected. AT the moment the biggest issue we have to work on is the over excitement at feeding time. That might take a little longer, but I am sure we will succeed. I plan on taking them out for another walk around 12:30-13:00.

I am sure their will a couple of pretend pee's again.... I am sorry I keep going on about this, but I think this is hilarious... Smart dogs...

Re: Eddie and Dusk

Hi, good to hear these two are settling in so well.

If you want to post pictures you need to host them on the internet (photobucket is ideal for this) and then add the img code to your post. If none of that makes any sense you can email me your photos and I'll put them up for you.

Re: Eddie and Dusk

The way I get pictures on to the forum is to upload them to a web share site ( I use picasa from Google) you can then get the code to embed or the address line to your album or pictures can be copied to your message on the forum.

If I can help to post them for you please email the pictures to me and I will post them on your behalf.

Everyone at Greyhound Rescue Fife are looking forward to seeing them.

Again a big thank you for giving Dusk and Eddie their forever home.

They sound like they are settling in great, and I am sure feeding time will settle down for you. For a long time that was the highlight of their day.

With Billy and Lassie they both lie or sit ready for feeding and then they eat together and finish by clearing each others bowl. They learn very quick where food is concerned.

Thanks for keeping us all updated.

George, Morag, Billy and Lassie

Re: Eddie and Dusk

This news has made my day, sounds like they have landed on their paws. I will miss them but delighted to hear they now have their own 'parents'!

Re: Eddie and Dusk

It definitely sounds like these two have landed firmly on their paws, the Wilson Family look forward to meeting them and their family at one of the next walks.

Re: Eddie and Dusk

Yet another day has passed. We were maybe getting a little too optimistic about the house training as yesterday passed without incident. Today however...

But only once. Still a lot better than expected. They know the rules but try to stretch them a little. Especially Dusk. She is the most cheeky of the two, but also the most submissive. Strange combination.

When we are not looking she gets in to our bed. A squirt of water gets her out, but as soon as we leave the room... Not really as bad as I describe it, but she is cheeky.

With regular intervals they make a stroll through the house and up to us as if to make sure that all is well and safe.

Our flatmate who rents a room from us came home for the first time today and they took to him right away as well. They really are some of the most friendly and devoted dogs I have ever met. They are huge and so is their poops...

We got two coats for them today. XL and XXL. The XXL was too small for Dusk...
oh well, looks like they will go to the rescue centre...

Eddy is ready to go for a walk all day long. Dusk just cannot be bothered unless it is morning and she has to go. A pleasure to walk them both.

By the way, we do plan to rename them but are still deciding on appropriate names. We don't like typical dog names or typical/common human names.

Guess that limits us a bit... Clearly something to sleep on.

We will keep you posted!

Re: Eddie and Dusk

Got some pics of them now. They are on page 38 0n the "post your pics" link. At the moment you have to go to page 37 and then click next page at the bottom.

Re: Eddie and Dusk

You have no idea how happy I am that these 2 have found themselves, what sounds like a fantastic home giving them both the love and discipline they both need. I fell in love with these 2 along time ago especially Dusk. She is a cheeky wee minx but thats why she was so special!! Unfortunately adding them to my 3 would have been far too much for my old boy!

Thanks for the updates and can't wait to see you guys as a family on one of the walks.

A very very happy Fiona.

Re: Eddie and Dusk

I got page 38 under the "post your pics" link filled up with pics of them. Got a real good one on the first walk yesterday morning. It's the top right pic. Dusk is paying attention to me while I am taking the pic. Eddy was too close to worry...

About the walking through the house that I mentioned earlier: It is soooo funny, They come around the corner and up to us walking side by side in almost synchronies walk. Sniff and lick our hands together and walk away again in the same synchronies walk. And of course they are so identical that it is sometimes difficult to tell them apart.

They are clearly very very attached to each other. I am very glad we got them both together.

Re: Eddie and Dusk

So, so happy they have found a wonderful new home. We have their dad, Nipper (aka Frisby P17-the lucky ones) Nipper is a real character and makes us laugh all the time, he's a star. Hope you have as much fun with Eddie and Dusk.

Re: Eddie and Dusk

We have finally decided on new names for Eddy and Dusk.

Eddy's new name is BOOKER

Dusk's new name is TULA

How did we come about these names?

Well! It iz like thiz my friendz:...

They are so identical that we had difficulties telling them apart in the beginning. They are like two book ends, identical, but opposite. Thats how we (or Greg to be fair) came up the name BOOKER for Eddy. It had to be for him as it has a masculine sound to it.

Tallulah Bankhead, an actress from early to mid 1900's was the inspiration for Dusk's new name TULA. I had never heard of her, but Greg had.

I was not sure before I thought about it for a while, but I do like the sound of the as well so BOOKER and TULA it is.

2 days now with no "accidents"inside, fingers crossed...

And forget everything I said before about them respecting our bed as off limits. I (Nicolai) am away on a 6 day trip for work and they are taking full advantage of the situation. At night when Greg is a sleep, they will sneak quietly up in the bed and stay on my side and not move before Greg wakes up and gets them off.

Today during the day Greg told me that after the midday walk, he went to the living room and they went to their beds, or so he thought.

After a while he walked in to the bedroom only to found the both on the bed. They were just like a married couple. Stretched out from head to foot, side by side, heads on pillow and One with one leg over the other...

I soooooooo wish he had taken a picture before he chased them out, but I guess that would be counter productive. As soon as they know that you have seen them, you have to chase them out.

The water squirt bottle works with Tula, but Booker tries to catch the water with his tongue, just shakes his head a little and do not sim that bothered.

Greg says that today, they were a bit more quiet and manageble during feeding time. Maybe they are starting to get used to the routine.

During the lunch walk today, they got the chance to meet and sniff another dog for the first time. It was a weimaraner. There were no problem there. Later on the same walk they met a teenager with smallish dog that looked like a cross between a small bulldog and another small dog. That was a different matter all together. Greg said they looked and behaved like they were in hunting mode. He turned them around and walk another way and that was that.

As I wright, Greg is on the phone to me just in from the last walk. He says he is sitting in the living room and they are both there with their heads in his lap.

I cant wait to get back home to see them again...

Re: Eddie and Dusk

Thank you so much for keeping us updated on Booker and Tula. First chance I get to go online and I'm straight into the forum to see if you've posted anything else! I love their new names.

Re: Eddie and Dusk

Thanks for that Karen. I will try to keep it up.

This pic is already on page 38 of uploaded pics. I am just trying this to see if it works. I have now joined photobucket for the sole purpose of uploading pics to here. Hope it is not too sad...

Re: Eddie and Dusk

Hi when you are posting links to webpages etc. you can always use the preview button to see if the link is working before you post live.

In photobucket click more, opens get link code window and copy the top email and IM code paste to your message and preview to see if it works. That link works for me.

If you preview first you can always test the link that works best for you

Hope this helps.

email me if you need any further help posting pictures


Re: Eddie and Dusk

Re: Eddie and Dusk

Clearly I figured out how to do the pics......

Well, we just had the first "major accident" inside. It happened on Saturday and I did not mention it as I thought it not so important, but it has a a little story behind it.

It was the day I left. I had just had Booker out for a short walk as he was so exited with me getting ready to leave that he could not help himself and had to squirt a little. Then I left.

Our friend Graham was home with them when the crime occurred... But there was a witness...

Whom could it be I hear you whisper in the background. The fresh crime scene with the offender still in the act was discovered because Tula, the witness, suddenly started to bark at the offender, Booker, as if to either tell him off or to tell us. Quite a smart little (well, big actually) cookie that one.

Yesterday during one of Greg's walks with them they met two riding police officers who stopped and talked to Greg for a while about the identical and gorgeous looking animals. During this, they were just standing there quietly waiting for him to finish. They are obviously used to horses.

However. Later on when a Golden Retriever came running by they were a lot more interested to put it mildly...

During these cold days, they have done their things fairly quickly after getting outside so they could hurry back inside again.

A neck for being cosy and comfortable inside is most definitely in the genes of these dogs. I've never seen anything like it.

I get home midday tomorrow and I am looking forward to see what kind of welcome I will get when I walk in the door. I suppose it will be almost impossible to ignore them until they calm down, but I have to try.

Maybe a small stroke on top of their heads while they are wiggling their tales....

Re: Eddie and Dusk

They are soooo sweet. Coming home last night was good experience. Today I have so far spent all day with them. At the moment they are crashed out after 2 long walks.

I will write a longer update later tonight. For now we are heading out to IKEA to get a single mattress to raise their beds a bit higher off the floor as I know Greyhounds likes to be up a bit. These two definitively does. Especially our bed. I traced them out a number of times already today. Here you can see they trying to look all innocent and invisible. I knew they were there (or very strongly suspected) so I had the camera with me on the ready so I could quickly take the pic and chase them out.

You can see their beds in the background..... Not good enough I guess...

Re: Eddie and Dusk

How did this happen? The twins now have a better bed than we do??????!!!!!!

As said above, we went to Ikea to get a raised mattress for them. And we did. We put legs on it to get a proper hight above the floor. We then put down their memory foam bed pads, covered it with a sheet and finally a duvet on top.

I just might sleep there myself......

Here is a pick of Greg with them on the new bed. They were both very exited. Unfortunately Booker turned away as I was taken the pic...

Yesterday I was ment to be home to walk them around 2pm. Due to delayed flights I was not home before 6:30pm.As soon as I came in the door, I could them jumping down from our bed before they came out to greet me. They were fairly exited but calmed down faster than I expected. It was then time for some petting and licking. They do like to lick your face. Makes tying your shoelaces an almost impossible task.

After the initial greetings, I took for an hour long walk in the park. Not brilliant weather with rain and wind.

They did their thing we kept a good pace walking. (Good for ALL of us...)

Greg has done a good job with them while I was away. When we came inside, Booker stood still and waited for me to dry him off. Tula slumped down on the floor and waited for her turn. However. When I was drying her off, Booker kept stepping over her and licking my face.

Important thing is that they know the drill. One hope....

I dont know what it is about greyhounds and major gas leaks. Almost catastrophic I would say. We were sitting in the living room and Booker is the one that usually come in and lay down on the carpet. As we sat there, we heard the noise of a failing pressure valve. I am sure you can all imagine the smell that followed.... We kept hearing this noise repeatedly until it was time to walk them again.

With regard to house training. Tula seems to have gotten it right. already. Have not seem her do anything inside since a couple of days after we got them. Booker on the other hand..... Lets just say we were talking about renaming him Bounty after the amount of kitchen towels we go through.

He is very sweet though. They both are. He always wants to be in the same room. More than Tula I would say. She just wants to sneak in to our bed. But she will come in the living room and lay her head in your lap. Then she tries to sneak one paw up on your lad, then another and before you know it she is trying to curl up on your lap. It has not worked as kind of just slides off... But she wants to crawl up on your shoulder and clean your face properly. See next pic of me (Nicolai) and Tula.

She is just a big sweetheart. A cheeky one but still adorable. It was almost impossible to sort out the laundry in piles on the floor earlier as she came up and insisted on licking my face. She then laid down on top of the dirty laundry and rolled around on her back. Her expectations were clear and so was my priorities....

As I am writing, Booker is laying down next to me. He likes to lay so that he is physically touching you.

During last night, they kept trying to get in to bed. Not to bad, only about 4 times. I had the water squirt bottle ready and they immediately went back to their own beds and left us alone for a couple of hours before trying again. I am wondering if the new bed will make any difference. Maybe not since we are not in it.

Feeding time has improved greatly during my absence. Tula just lays on the floor and wait for her meal to be prepared for her. What a little princess... Booker is a little more boisterous but manageable. He is much calmer as well.

For the time being they seems happy and content. They have definately bonded with us and we with them.

Thats all for now. A midnight walk and then hopefully a quiet night in our respective beds.

Re: Eddie and Dusk

Gee, Booker and Tula have certainly landed on their paws and what's more it couldn't have happened to two nicer dogs.
All GRF say thank you guys for taking them into your home.
Celia and Jimmy.

Re: Eddie and Dusk

I agree. They are great dogs. It is us that should say thank you for letting us look after for them.

Re: Eddie and Dusk

The day before yesterday we observed the twins with a zebra like small, stuffed, cuddly thing. They seemed to love it. They kept carrying it around. We were a bit puzzled about this, wondering where it had come from. Nevertheless, We thought it had come from our flat mate Graham who was in the process of moving out.

They really liked it and it gave me the "brilliant"(???????) of getting them a soft toy each. SO off I went to the pet shop. The only kind they had had was the squeaky kind and I bought 2 soft animal-long-leg (a big face with 2 legs).

I am sure you can all see where this is going....

I got home and unpacked my shopping as usual. After the greeting by the door, they had gone back to their new bed. They really love their new bed. Even if they still from time to time sneak in to ours.

Back to the toys.
After I had was done unpacking and removing the label. I thought I't check out the reaction when I squeezed on of the toys....

That was a sound they had heard before. They came flying out of the bed room, skidding on the floor as they turned corners and in to the kitchen where I was. I don't think I have ever seen them sooooooo exited. After a bit of fighting them off and getting them back in to the bedroom, I gave them the toys. One each.

for the next 10-15 minutes all, I could hear was a continuos squeaking noise from the bedroom. I had a little peak in and saw them pulling each end of the same toy.

Then the noise stopped....

The carnage that I found in the bedroom.... 4 individual legs spread across the floor with the main body part torn open and all the soft stuffing all over the floor. I found the 2 individual squeeze units under the bed. What an onslaught... I want be making that mistake again!!!!!

As far as their new bed is concerned, they really love it. Apart from one or 2 surveys to check that we are still in the bed, they stay on it all night long and most of the day, except when they sneak up in our bed. But as soon as they hear me coming through the hall, they jump down and try to look innocent, so they know what the rules are. That water squirt bottle has worked wonders. I only have to show it at night if they try to climb in to our bed and they run off and back to their bed.

The walks are interesting when there is other dogs around. They are slowly learning to the point where they at the moment are slightly easier to get to walk along. We sometimes walk with both on the same side and if the other dog is on the other side and passing, they are kind of wrapped around your legs skidding sideways as we walk forward.

Finally, how about getting up in the middle of the night for a quick visit to the bathroom. Anyone ever tried that without putting on some sort of clothing???......

Need I say anything more?

Tomorrow they are going to the vet for a check up and re vaccination.

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