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Re: Loincloths and Hairy Men

Sorry for the late answer.

Here my flickr site,

Re: Loincloths and Hairy Men

Thanks. No apology necessary for the delay.

I joined flickr so that I could see your pictures. I tried the link you sent me many different times using all or part of it. Nothing worked. I would still like to see your pictures. However, it has been impossible for me to see them using the flickr link you sent me.

Re: Loincloths and Hairy Men

Oh, I hope this link work better:
Flickr is very cumbersome to use.

Greetings from Germany

Re: Loincloths and Hairy Men


I was able to make it work! Thanks.

You definitely have the look of a hairy, primeval man with your long hair and body hair and loincloths. I find your look very appealing. I have bookmarked your site and will be checking it from time to time.

Greetings from Florida.

I wish you safety and good health during these challenging time.


Re: Loincloths and Hairy Men

Greetings to all. Hairy stocky guy here from Europe. Wear sinple loincloths for many years. Wonder whether likeminded guys from my area here.
Regards Alex